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Star Wars SMUGGLER’S BOUNTY Rebels Theme April 2017

Unboxing and Review of Rebels themed Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty box for April 2017. Contents Rebel Patch Boba Fett Helmet Pin Star Wars Rebel Pop...

Firefly CARGO CRATE April 2017 No Power in the Verse Unboxing and Review

Out unboxing and Review of No Power in the Verse Firefly Cargo Crate box for April 2017. The full video is above and below you...

BATMAN #21, SUPER SONS #3 – This Week in DC Comics

This week our favorite reviews are All-Star Batman #9, Superman #21, Batman #21, and Super Sons #3. Make sure to check out for...

ACTION COMICS #977, DETECTIVE COMICS #954 – This Week in DC Comics

This week we talk about Action Comics #977, Detective Comics #954, and The Flash #20. Make sure to check out for our full...

BATMAN #20, SUPERMAN #20 – This Week in DC Comics

This week we talk about Superman #20, Batman #20, and Nightwing #18. Make sure to check out for our full review coverage! Reviews: Batman #20 Superman...

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E3 Extravaganza! Destiny 2, Xbox One X, Anthem, and Nintendo!

Last week was E3 and there were a metric ton of new announcements, so the PopnComics crew got together and talked about the biggest...

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Looking For Reviewers!

Over the last 6 months, PopnComics has begun to grow quite a bit. We have expanded our review program to DC Comics, Image Comics,...

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Shirtless Bear Fighter! #1

THE TRUTH SPEAKS Are you ready to rock out with your cock out? Are you prepared for a joy ride through Bear Country? Groom your beard,...

Batman #25

With DC Metal on the horizon, I am Bane behind us and a possible Bat and Cat marriage in the future, we arrive at...