Friday, July 21, 2017


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Black Panther, Battlefront II, and Plutona Review

Marvel recently revealed their latest trailer for Black Panther so it's time for a discussion! Also, we talk about EA's E3 Battlefront II reveal...

Clean Room Vol 2: Exile Review – Adult Content – Gail Simone

Clean Room Vol 2 Review! By Gail Simone & Jon Davis-Hunt ***Warning there are some images from this comic book that are not for the...

Wonder Woman Spoiler Review

PopnComics went out as a team and watched Wonder Woman! Was it the DCEU savior? Maybe a hot dumpster fire? Possibly the greatest thing...

Our Top 5 MegaCon 2017 Moments

MegaCon 2017 has come and gone and quite frankly we had a blast. In this episode we all sit down and go over our...

Wonder Woman Reactions, Game of Thrones Spin-offs, and Dark Crystal

With the embargo lifted early reviewers are now allowed to talk about Wonder Woman but were they all good? Game of Thrones has some...

Destiny 2 Reveal Discussion

Destiny 2 recently had a lot of announcements and it's first gameplay trailers. With tons of new announcement from FPS on consoles to new...

Clean Room Vol 1 Review and Doomsday Clock!

This week we all sit-down and review Clean Room Vol 1: Immaculate Conception. Also, we go over the latest DC Rebirth news with Doomsday...

Dept. H Review, Iron Man’s New Armor, and Hell Boy News!

Tim reviews Dept.H by Matt Kindt and Sharlene Kindt. Chris gets overly excited about Robert Downy Jr.'s new Iron Man post. Leina talks about...

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Spoiler Filled Review!

What did we think about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? Was it as good as the first? Plus we talk about DC Rebirth's The...

The Sony A9 Debate, DC Dark Matter, and Star Wars Forces of Destiny!

Is the Sony A9 everything we could have dreamed of? How is DC's The Button Event going and just died? What's that thin about...

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