What is this all about?

Damian Wayne re founded the Teen Titans after Tim Drake breaks them up. This team includes Beast Boy, Starfire, Raven, and now Aqualad. After finding out Black Manta is Aqualad’s father. This is Blood of the Manta.

The Review

Teen Titans #11The last issue left Aqualad “Bonding” with his father. The issue ended with the pair being attacked. This picks up right there with them attempting to fight a giant octopus. Meanwhile, the Titans are searching above the ocean for Aqualad. This is putting pressure between Robin and Starfire as the argument about taking lead. Black Manta teaches Aqualad new powers with his hydrokinesis. They use this to escape the creature.

After finding the power Black Manta was seeking. Aqualad attempts to fight him, easily being out matched. Black Manta is about to land a killing strike when Beast Boy in shark form comes in with a rescue. Black Manta knocks beast boy out and he begins to drown, Aqualad uses his power to pull the water out and saves him. Using the Black Pearl Black Manta wipes the floor with the Titans. Damian gives Aqualad a pep talk and Aqualad is able to beat his father and take the black pearl.

Teen Titans #11Back on land Tempest (the first Aqualad) shows up to retrieve the black pearl. He gives Jackson the name Aqualad officially, claiming he’s earned it.  The Titans throw a party to officially welcome Aqualad to the Titans. We’re left with an end credit page of a two mysterious scientist watching Beast Boy, stating he’s an idiot. But that is what makes him perfect. Next issue The Metal

Final Words

This was the final issue of Blood of the Manta. The story arc bringing Aqualad into the Titans. It was filled with some great action and amazing color. This run has been one of the better Teen Titans. Next to the 80’s and the 2003 Runs. I highly recommend this to any fan, even the of the TV Show Teen Titans or Young Justice.  I give this a 8.5/10 due to the fact that everything is going for this story, a new character, great art, solid writing, real emotional problems. A must read

More Info

Reviewed by: Eric Butler
Teen Titans #11
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by: Khoi Pham, John Trevor Scott, Jim Charalampidis

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: 08/23/2017