Kill Your Darlings part 4, really traps your mind, engaging you as though you are part of the Suicide Squad, making you feel empathy for the bad guys, and we don’t get that a lot these days with comics! In this review, there are no spoilers – and I can assure you, like the rest of Rob Williams work, it’s well worth your purchase.

What is this all about?

‘KILL YOUR DARLINGS’ part four! This is it! The moment SUICIDE SQUAD has been building to since the start of Rebirth! International Suicide Squads descend upon metahuman populations around the world at Amanda Waller’s command! As the People’s astonishing endgame is laid bare, only the original Task Force X’s most dysfunctional members are left to save the world from their own dark imitators.

Suicide Squad #24

The Review

The cover from the offset should have you enticed. you can see that in this series we are met with Russian Tunguska! It’s hard to work out what species or race Tunguska is, but we know he’s a super bad meta human. He’s not here for the faint hearted! Here we have Kill Your Darlings Part Four: Unworthy, but like with most cases of Rob Williams and co workers, it is a very worthy read.

Like the previous series, the comic is divided with placements of certain individuals. Yet it’s a very clear read, and very enjoyable! The downside to this is that In two different places, we are met with references from two other linked series: Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad and ask Suicide Squad Earthlings on Fire. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the links between comics, but if you’re getting started with this series you may find some elements lose their touch. As you will have to read the other series to fully relate to what’s going on and why. I can’t say too much more without revealing spoilers. But if you’ve got the time and a little bit of money, then two series are also very gripping and will have you salivating for more!

From the previous issue, we are still tied in with Killer Frost and Batman. Now I really wish I could expand. However, due to the limited appearance in this series, I’m doing the opposite to Harley. I’m going to seal my lips. As the plot twists and turns and all I can say is that your mind will be thrown all over the shop. But you’ll be grinning all the way through!

Suicide Squad #24The artwork again is really appealing, the facial expressions as clear, characters actually look how they are supposed to. The costumes have their own twists but it works, it makes it unique to Suicide Squad. I can’t fault the lighting or colours used, everything is appropriate. Proportionately placed / it makes for a clear understanding read which makes it suitable for a wide audience. I can be quite critical when it comes to artwork, but the details are where you want to be. From feeling varied emotions with the surroundings to the darkness that currently haunts Amanda Waller – it will be of most people’s taste.

Finally, we are met with a new villain for the series. It’s one we all know, in my opinion slightly underrated and undervalued in the DC Universe. So I hope that means they play a slightly bigger, darker, more disturbing role in the next few series to come. Instead of a cliff hanger like we sometimes get left on, the series closes nicely, it wraps everything up in clear context and doesn’t feel rushed or to computer edited to miss out on the finer details. Suicide Squad #24The series concludes with a twisted ending, one that may have been on your mind but now confirmed with the series of events that follows – it’s not like the last issue where we experienced our own Amanda Waller brain Bomb go off – but the fact it makes you feel empathy for the ‘bad guys’ really shows what it can do to us, you know – good guys?!

Final Words

Overall I really enjoyed this read, it’s not the same old story line going through, it’s an interesting read. We have two or three different things going on in the series that keeps us engaged. The wording is fantastic, and mind manipulative – the artwork ticks all the boxes for me. In the next few issues, I would say we’re on target for a good couple series ahead. A bit brighter, bolder use of colours would seal the deal as it was. But if you’re a fan you’ll love this run with Rob Williams and co! Next time… Amanda Waller Vs Suicide Squad – what? You didn’t think they were still going to be on the same side with this one, did you?

More Info

Reviewed by Josh Edgley
Suicide Squad #24
Written by Rob Williams
Pencils by Augustin Padilla & Juan Ferreyra; Color by Adriano Lucas; Letters by Pat Brosseau

Published by DC
Release Date: 8/22/17