First Look: Dark Nights One-Shots

With Dark Nights Metal #1 being a huge success this week (check out our review!) DC has sent some previews of the upcoming one-shots from the series. Each of these one-shots shows us what a Dark Knight that is fused with the powers of a Justice League member. With the Dawnbreaker being Green Lantern, Red Death…

First Look: Gotham Resistance Teen Titans #12

DARK NIGHTS: METAL #1 landed this week, and the DCU is about to respond! “GOTHAM RESISTANCE” begins with TEEN TITANS #12 by Benjamin Percy, Mirka Andolfo (cover by Stjepan Sejic). The shocking events of METAL have transformed Gotham City, where a number of hometown heroes (and anti-heroes) find themselves trapped in a Riddler-esque labyrinth of madness and death!