Half way through Shea Fontana’s Wonder Woman arc, “Heart of the Amazon”, and Diana is in the midst of evil forces playing a treacherous game – hiring killers to hunt her down. Will the warrior princess be victorious? Ultimately, I’m thinking yes…this isn’t a character changing book, but it’s a fun read nonetheless.

What is this all about?

Wonder Woman #28‘HEART OF THE AMAZON’ part three! With the immediate threat subdued, Diana thought she could take time to help Etta Candy recover from her wounds?but will her presence put Etta in even more danger?

The Review

Wonder Woman is suffering in this book. She cannot save everyone and feels guilt over having her friend Etta Candy wounded because of her presence. Diana mourns for all humanity. It’s really touching and I liked the character choices in this issue. The ever tough Candy isn’t one to suffer fools and even has trouble allowing Diana to care for her.

Wonder Woman #28The calm we see with Wonder Woman and Candy is broken quickly, interrupted by a bullet. A decently paced action sequence, with another desperate character with health problems (see #27), leads to Di asking questions and realizing she puts her friends in danger. As the issue draws to a close Diana learns there is a bounty on her head and, what appears to be, a big time conspiracy after her.

This is another fun, quick Wonder Woman comic from Fontana and team. I have enjoyed this arc thoroughly and look forward to finding out how it all comes together in the end. At times the art seemed a bit off here and there, but that didn’t stop me from liking the story. Wonder Woman #28Replacing Mirka Andolfo for this book is David Messina so perhaps there was a scheduling challenge. I have to add that the cover is awesome!

Final Words

Shea Fontana seems to be aware of how her time as Diana’s scribe is meant to be spent. This story will not live on top ten lists of the best Wonder Woman tales of all time, but it doesn’t need to do that in order to be an enjoyable read. As “all ages” as this comic kind of started, I find myself happily reading each installment. Let’s hope the action kicks up a notch and we find a thrilling conclusion when the story wraps in a couple of issues.

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff Daily
Wonder Woman #28
Written by: Shea Fontana
Art by: David Messina, Romulo Fajardo, Jr. and Saida Temofonte

Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: August 16, 2017