What is this all about?

Justice League #27In this issue, the members of the Justice League get involved in the most awkward family reunion ever. Their children from the future have travelled back in time to meet their parents and get their help from a looming threat.

In case you need a refresher of the previous issue, the Justice League kiddos got into a couple scuffles before venturing into the past. They did battle with Arthur Curry, who is now just a shell of the hero he once was. They also fought Sovereign before ending the battle early to leap into the past.

Issue #27 starts with introductions. The League is pretty accepting of the kids right off the bat, and while some of the reunions are emotional, others open fresh wounds. One thing is definitely for sure: members of the Justice League are getting busy in that watchtower.

The Review

Justice League #27The kids first introduce themselves to their parents to varying degrees of awkwardness for the League members. There’s Nora Allen (a.k.a. Cruise), Jenny, and Jason who are the children of The Flash and Jessica Cruz. While Nora gained the super speed courtesy of the Flash, Jenny and Jason gained the Green Lantern powers of their mother. They can get a little bit… emotional for lack of a better word.

Dory (a.k.a. Serenity) is the daughter of Mera, who instantly takes a liking to her. George Martin Stone (a.k.a. Cube) is Cyborg’s son whose DNA is infused with Mother Box circuitry. Then there’s Hunter. Poor, poor Hunter. The son of Wonder Woman who was apparently abandoned by her for not being a daughter and therefore an Amazon.

Justice League #27After that, we get a lot of backstory. The kids reveal that a brutal war takes place in the future that eliminates most of the world’s population. However, the children manage to survive because their parents end up sending them to Olympus for their protection. Now the Justice League youngsters are the world’s last line of defense against Sovereign.

The issue ends in the Batcave, where Batman is taken down by a powerful foe. We’ll avoid any spoilers in this review, and I’ll just say you need to read the issue to see what threats the League will soon face.

Final Words

Justice League #27Not a lot of action takes place in this issue. For the most part, it simply sets up what we can expect going forward. There’s a lot of exposition, but there are a lot of great character moments as a result. It’s fascinating to see these heroes in one issue battling evil and in the next breaking down into tears for abandoning their future children.

There are some little bonus tidbits here and there of what we could see in future issues. Simon Baz learns something pretty significant about his future. There’s also a conversation that takes place toward the end that indicates everything may not be as it seems with these kids. No spoilers here, but we should be in for some treats in the near future.

More Info

Reviewed by Mike Bedard
Justice League #27
Written by Bryan Hitch
Penciled by Fernando Pasarin; Inked by Oclair Albert; Colored by Brad Anderson
Published by DC
Release Date: 8/16/2017