Rob Williams, you have done it again – and don’t worry guys, this review is short and sweet without any spoilers! From the cover alone, as with Gus Vazquez’s work before, the art looks amazing. I’m genuinely surprised that with National Comic Book Day upcoming, I haven’t seen this in the top ten somewhere for best cover. If this alone doesn’t get your geek box running, nothing will! Read on to find out my findings!

What is this all about?

‘KILL YOUR DARLINGS’ part three! Amanda Waller’s gone off the reservation! She’s ordered Task Force X to go full-on super-villain and take down the Justice League! No, not that one – they tried that before! This time she wants Batman’s new Justice League of America driven before her – dead or alive – and the Suicide Squad is happy to oblige.

The Review

Suicide Squad #23Short and sweet with no spoilers was my aim for this review, so that’s what you’ll get. As we know from the previous series, this series brings us the thriller of capturing Batman and Killer Frost! That alone, not forgetting the cover, should make you want to read on without any hesitation. It’s thrilling as it is immersive, and from the first few pages, it really sets the scene. We have a moment where we get Waller more involved with Suicide Squad. Then another moment where we get Frost and The Bat! Your mind couldn’t process the velocity this is about to bring!

We get placed in Gory Gotham, where in essence everything is captured with the artwork alone -the smells, the darkness, the danger, the fear. Let alone how Rob portrays this with a simple yet effective script! Before with other comic scripts, sometimes artists and writers have managed to confuse the script slightly. You end up not being sure whether you’re in the past memory or the present day. However, this isn’t the case with this series, everything is well placed, clear accurate and functional, and makes for a very gripping read!Suicide Squad #23

I kind of want to stop myself in my tracks, before I blurt out any spoilers. But to see a very compelling, persuasive, dark knight is exactly what the series needs. Every moment between Frost and Batman just carves the series it’s own unique place in DC’s Universe. It’s something I undoubtedly will read over and over again, for the next few weeks until #24 arrives. In which I can only hope brings more injustice, more cunningness, a more darling embrace from Frost (if at all possible).

Final Words

Hopefully, my thoughts have swayed your thoughts by now, and that they have been portrayed correctly above. I still stay true to my word before, about the other issues of this series being really good, being a very worthy read. But now I’ve been hit with this series, I feel manipulated by Rob and company. As though they’ve put one of Amanda Waller’s brain bombs inside me, and detonated it within the first few pages of this read.

Suicide Squad #23

I personally love Batman, for me, he’s the greatest. Yet sometimes people’s portrait of how he comes across in comics whether it’s spoken dialogue or the artwork and how he looks. Sometimes I can be a bit overly critical as it’s not my favourite interpretation of the Batman I know so well and love. With this, right here – is The Best! As I said no spoilers, but the first time you meet Batman in this series, you can already see how much of a dark knight he’s going to turn out to be.

Gripping, thrilling, mesmerizing the list goes on, and yet again, Rob and co have left my jaw on the floor. Left me in awe wanting more. I promise this is well worth the purchase, one well worthy of keeping in its special plastic sleeve. I’ve read this honestly four or five times already, and across my various social media platforms I have non-stop pushed this as a must read with #NCBD. It will have you talking about it for hours!

More Info

Reviewed by Josh Edgley
Suicide Squad #23
Written by Rob Williams
Art by: Gus Vazquez, Adrian Lucas, Pat Brosseau

Published by DC
Release Date: 8/9/2017