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Stunning. Raimondi and Janson are back for issue 2 with a vengeance. The hook is set, and they’re reeling me in.


Hello, freak bitches.  The Truth shall set you free, and he’s going to whip up some real BBQ this time.  That’s right, I’ve joined the ranks of smoked meat connoisseurs,  as I am now the proud owner of an electric smoker.  I’ve got that bad boy seasoned, and next step is smoked butt town.

Not unlike my own butt, which was smoked at the poker table Saturday night.  ONWARD!

What is this all about?

Sacred Creatures #2 (catch up on #1 here) is a beautiful follow-up.  Pablo Raimondi and Klaus Janson have put a new spin on some ancient ideas and come up with a rich new world ripe for exploration.

As is often the case with my reviews, but probably doubly so for this series, SPOILERS ABOUND!  You have been forewarned.

The Review

TSacred Creatures #2he action was fast, furious, and jumbled in act 1, but now the stage is set for major revelations. The action jumps back to Josh and Father Adrian, having vanquished the giant demonic sphynx kitties. They take refuge in an absolutely stunning gothic cathedral, courtesy of Pablo Raimondi. I can not possibly overstate how much I love the detail Raimondi included here. The effort was well worth it.

Adrian and Josh are too late to save the priest Adrian was checking on. He alerts Naomi via voicemail that Naviel and the priest are dead, and to warn everyone.

Josh just wants to get to Julia, but Adrian insists they must come with him when one of the demon kitties smashes through the plate glass window.

Here the action flashes back an hour, and we see how the murder of Naviel occurred. Andrew (a member of the Hamilton family) compels Josh, infusing him with hate. Again, it is underscored how critical it is that the ancient blade is returned after the deed is done. When the elevator reaches the destination, Father Adrian is there, and all hell breaks loose.Sacred Creatures #2

In the chaos, Josh bursts through and confronts Naviel. Adrian is sure that Josh is going to his death. The family has tried this before.  But something is different about Josh because he is able to plunge the blade into Naviel’s chest. Instantly, in an explosion of light, Naviel’s angel wings explode into view (as do her luscious Bewbies.  Heh. Bewbies)

In her last breaths, she says that Josh’s fate is now sealed, and gives him a message to deliver to her son, then perishes.

Instantly, the spell is broken, and Josh realizes what he has done. We also see, in a splendid multi-page action sequence, that Naviel’s death is monumental, it’s a game changer.

Then, we are finally treated to the origin story of the devil kitties! No spoilers here, you are going to have to see this yourself!  Loved it!

Back to the church, and a badass kittie battle, again perfectly executed by Raimondi.   After the cat is dispatched, Adrian finds Josh, having escaped to the roof, and threatening to throw the dagger if he doesn’t tell him what is going on, and who the hell the Hamilton’s really are.

Sacred Creatures #2Adrian has no choice, and tells Josh. They are not human, they are Nephilim, an ancient race, and Adrian is one too. The family has lived for thousands of years, and they can manipulate human feelings and emotions. We know them as the Seven Deadly Sins.  Naviel was their warden on earth, the only one left with the power to keep them in check.

Oh, and she was Adrian’s mom as well. And now…she’s gone.

Adrian agrees to get Josh’s girlfriend, and they will all stick together.

Cut to Paris.  Naomi hears Adrian’s message, but it’s too late. They are already there.  Naomi’s father is found bleeding, and a woman falls dead down the stairs, clutching an ancient book, which Naomi grabs and makes her escape.

We’ve gone, international people!

Final Words

Raimondi, Janson… have my attention. The second issue puts Sacred Creatures firmly in the upper echelon of my must-read list.

Boston Butt is on the smoker with about 4 hours left to go. I predict either a masterpiece or an abject failure, as with everything else I do.

Until next time,


More Info

Reviewed by The Truth
Sacred Creatures #2
Written by Pablo Raimondi and Klaus Janson
Art by: Pablo Raimondi, Chris Chuckry, and Tom Orzechowski
Published by Image Comics
Release Date: 8/9/17