Tom King and Mitch Gerads have created a hallucinatory masterpiece.  Raw.  Gripping. Beautiful. Spoilers ahead.


What’s going on little doggies?   Papa Truth has been on a bit of a downswing, review wise.   What I am putting out, however, is just downright fantastic.  Current review included.

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Listen, running a multinational corporation, starring in Hollywood blockbusters and snuggling pugs takes up virtually all my free time. For this, however, I had to pull myself away from my pug pile (Daddy’s sorry my wittle wuvvie wuvs, I’ll be back soon!)

All week the interwebs have been stirring about this book, and I was not about to miss out.  LET’S GET IT ON! 

What is this all about?

Mister Miracle #1, that’s what! As usual, The Truth is not up on superhero lore.  I thought for sure this was a brand new character.  A quick googly moogly reveals no, you jackass, Mister Miracle has been around since the 70’s.

So, per the norm with my superhero excursions and such, please bear in mind that this is my first exposure, I’m coming in fresh, and I’m coming in hot!

Mister Miracle is an escape artist? From another galaxy?  WTF?

The Review

Mister Miracle #1Scott Free tried to kill himself. On page one. A horror scene on a bathroom floor. Wrists slit, in full superhero garb, sans mask. That’s how it opens folks.  What follows is a fever dream.  Scott is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.  His stay, his recovery, his life after, everyone wanting to know why…..this whole sequence is just….perfection.

What Tom King and Mitch Gerads have done with this book is quite unlike anything I’ve seen before. The story pulls you in Immediately with a capital I, and the art simply astounds.

Scott and his wife Barda are from somewhere else, as I found out when suddenly a costumed appears in their living room through a bright portal and commands him to stand to get punched, again, and again. Darkseid Is panels appear throughout.  I don’t know what the fuck that means.






Mister Miracle #1Barda gets between them and straightens out Orion (that’s the dude’s name) about his lineage, which he appears to be confused about.  He’s trying to teach Scott (his brother), but only Granny can do that. Ok. We also start to see that Scott is not ok….he seems foggy.

What follows is a scene of Miracle Man’s death and resurrection, as seen on an old school late night talk show ala Carson, but viewed through an ancient color tv, signal only partially grasped from the ether, fuzzy, out of focus, scanning.  Is it real?  Is it a dream? Scott tells of how he had escaped everything, he was bored, his audience was bored. The only thing he hadn’t escaped was Death, and so that is what he did.

But did you, Mister Miracle?

Did you escape Death?

This sequence….it haunts me.  I keep returning to it.

Mister Miracle #1Scott walks with a god looking dude (white hair and beard, shepherds crook, whole nine) on the beach, Barda nearby. It’s his father. He can’t stay. There is trouble on New Genesis, presumably home. Darkseid has the Anti-Life Equation. That doesn’t sound good, whatever it is, and whoever it is. SORRY NERDS, TRUTH AIN’T GOT A CLUE!  Wait, is it the chick that Old Man Logan fought in one of the books? I digress.

Mister Miracle again. In their house. Talking to an old friend. But then Barda arrives and the old friend…he’s not there.  He’s dead.  He’s been dead.  Cancer.  Scott was there. But Scott can see him, hear him, he’s there.

No Scott. No one’s here. You’re alone.

He gets a message from New Genesis. Father is dead. Darkseid’s work. A resistance is formed, Scott and Big Barda need to return home.Mister Miracle #1

They are suited up, and ready to portal out. But….something is wrong. He can’t….something….Barda smacks him down, just as his brother did. Stand. Standing. Good. Let’s go. Darkseid awaits.

Final Words

This book is gorgeous and difficult, and heart breaking.

What I get from this is that this was no trick. Scott did try to kill himself. He’s depressed as fuck. I just don’t know why yet. What it is that triggered all of this.

And this…I don’t even know what this is. I don’t know if what is happening, is actually happening. I don’t think it is! Will this end with Scott still in the hospital, never truly awoken after draining his body of blood? Or is it partially real?

Mister Miracle #1Why can’t I shake this book? Why can’t I shake that talk show scene? Did Tom King and Mitch Gerads hack my brain?

Go get this, NOW!


Editor: Since everyone at PopnComics had such glowing things to say about Mister Miracle #1, we wanted to add some blurbs from the staff here.

Tim: Mister Miracle #1 gives off some serious Vision vibes with how the story is being told. Tom King nails this introduction into the Mister Miracle mini-series. This start is haunting and revolutionary. One issue in and I’m considering it for the book of the year, the hype is real, folks. Mitch Gerads on art kills it, I absolutely love the visuals of this book. Bringing those gorgeous 9-panel pages throughout the issue. Tom and Mitch work so well together and I cannot wait to see where this new mini-series takes us.

Mister Miracle #1Tom: The art is not overly exciting or inspiring but it sets the tone for the issue. The story drew me in with its cryptic implications of greater things to come. Dilemmas having to do with our ideas about God, the impending “Darkseid is coming”, and possible connection between the two, for example. There was a deliberateness to the portrayal of the main characters. The art showed them in dull, uncluttered, and tethered panels. The episodic, “stand, slap, stand” sequence our main character experiences two separate times will probably have greater meaning as the story expands in future issues. Mister Miracle is bored with his current tricks and looking for more excitement, the reader has the feeling that will be coming in spades. In addition, the parallel between Miracle Man’s attempted suicide and the suicidal act of saving the world against a great threat had weight. The story left me wanting more and excited to see where this story is going.

Jeff: Mister Miracle #1 is a clean slate for me and Writer Tom King. I’m by no means a Mister M./Scott Free scholar, but I loved issue #1. It was mystical in aura and darkly dream-like in plotting. Mitch Gerads’ art is fantastic, the opposite of Jack Kirby’s in a lot of ways, textured and perfect for this mystery that the team is constructing. I’m excited to read the rest of the series.

More Info

Reviewed by The Truth
Mister Miracle #1
Written by Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerads, Clayton Cowles (Letters)

Published by DC
Release Date: 8/9/17