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The Manfroto MB PL-3N1-35

So over the last year, I have done a lot of switching it up when it comes to my camera bag. What I carry and how long I have to carry it plays a factor, as well as the environment I am in. So here are my top 5 camera bags so far for 2017

This bag barely made the top 5. I am putting it here because I gave it to a friend after not using it and he ranted about it for a long time. I saw it with him every where he went. He used it to carry his camera, surface pro 4, battery back ups, cables and a bunch of other stuff. This bag comes with a lot of pockets and a lot of organization inside. The killer for me was the compartment for the camera. It wasn’t big enough for my use and I had a hard time getting to my camera in hurry.
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The MindShift Gear UL Dual 36L Day Pack

This is an ultralight bag with sturdy hip straps and is water resistant but not water proof. Does come with a cover. This bag is great for hikes and traveling when you are not carrying a lot of gear. It has organizers and dump packs for you to throw things you are going to need when out doors. The hip belt has pockets which I found very useful for bug spray and snacks. Not big enough I would say however the versatility of this pack and light weight is why we put it at number 4.
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Evecase XL DSLR Camera

Ok first of all this was a solid pack. It holds a LOT of gear. I used this for a while. The hip straps served me very well. It carried everything I needed in it for out door shoots minus lighting. Well minus big lighting. I was able to carry my lume cubes and flashes. The biggest down side of this back for me was the weight. It is heavy by its self. But it is very sturdy. It came with a rain cover and the side water bottle holsters were a nice addition to the bag.
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The Lowepro Tactical 450

This bag is currently my daily carry. Why isn’t it on my number one you ask. Well simply put I flipped a coin for first place and it lost. This bag fits all of my gear, has a back opening so when you are traveling you have to take your pack off to get to your camera. This is a pain in the …. for some, however, it makes people opening your bag and stealing your gear while you are wearing it impossible and I like that. I also like that when I set it down in the dirt its on the face of the bag so when I put it back on my back is still clean. The waist straps are heavy duty but again the pockets in the waist straps are small. This back comes covered in molle webbing which allows you to add a bunch of extra pouches and it just looks like a normal tactical bag. Not like a fancy camera bag. This is all in all one of the most solid bags I have ever owned. Coming in at around $240 it is not a super cheap bag but it is very durable and worth the money.
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The Think Tank Photo Airplane Commuter Bag

This bag won because I flipped a coin…. This is a really nice bag. Lots of room, locking cable attached to the bag so you can lock it shut as well as lock it to things, holds my 15″ MacBook Pro, all of my gear, rain cover, extra pockets, lots of organization, SUPER sturdy handles, will fit as carry on luggage in the US. Strong zippers, nice thick shoulder straps, and water bottle pocket. The only thing I don’t like about this bag is the hip straps. I will not be able to carry this for long distances fully loaded as it would kill my back to do so.
This bag comes in at $210 plus shipping.
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