Out of Time part two! Will Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz overcome the struggles of Earth 10 billion years in the past? Are these mysterious Green Lanterns who bombard them friend or foe? Find out this week in Green Lanterns #28 as the pieces begin to fall into place. Big things are coming, and I’m eager for more! Spoilers ahead…

What is this all about?

Green Lanterns #28

This issue is narrated from Simon’s point of view. A change from the last couple issues that were from Jessica’s. They are stranded on earth, 10 billion years in the past. They are confronted by the first seven Green Lanterns ever. When Rami destroyed Volthoom’s Travel Lantern he made Green Lantern rings out of its pieces, then traveled back in time to give them to worthy beings of different types in an attempt to stop Volthoom. Perhaps I am being nit-picky, but is it weird to anyone else that seven beings from all over the universe 10 billion years ago all speak English and can understand each other? That detail couldn’t help but stand out in my mind. No big deal, I guess that’s pretty common in comics anyways…

I found the first few pages of this book to be a little pointless. It introduces Jan-Al of Krypton (again, 10 billion years in the past). She and her people crash land somewhere and I feel she gets built up to be a significant character, then gets burnt up and killed by her own ring at the end of the issue. I think perhaps Baz will end up with her ring, and if he does, he will have a piece of the Travel Lantern just like Jessica and the other seven Lanterns. However, I still think something is up with the pieces of his old shattered ring that are still embedded into his forearm.Green Lanterns #28 Regardless, I would have liked to see the first couple pages be about a Lantern that doesn’t die at the end of the issue like Kaja Dox of Yod Colu, or Z’kran Z’rann of Mars (probably a descendent of J’onn J’onzz… Just a guess). On a side note, Brill is among the first seven Lanterns, so his story is starting to develop more. I’m intrigued by his role because I really think he will somehow get involved with Luke Fox during the Metal storyline. Also, A.I. 10 billion years ago? Interesting…

Green Lanterns #28Rami sends all the Lanterns a message and warns of Volthoom and his dastardly plans. After a short squabble between the nine Green Lanterns, it is decided that Jessica will train them all. We then cut to Maltus where Volthoom is single-handedly laying siege on the barrier protecting the Science Citadel.

The Review

Humphries writes an amazing book. This issue wasn’t as exciting as the past few issues, but I’m not mad about it. Great stories need to be set up and that is exactly what he’s doing. I’m not a fan of the cover art because Cruz looks incredibly disproportionate, but the issue itself is very colorful and well drawn. The splash page is a pretty awesome pic of Jan-Al. I still think it’s weird that so much emphasis was put on her only to kill her off a few pages later. Maybe there is more that will happen with her that we are not seeing yet. I recommend this issue. Pick it up and read it!

More Info

Reviewed by Justin Swenson
Green Lanterns #28
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by: Eduardo Pansica, Judd Ferreira

DC Comics
Release Date: August 2, 2017