Last time Green Arrow has set his sites on the one and only Lex Luthor. With Arrow traveling the country and trying to stop the Ninth Circle and clear his name. This is Hard Traveling Hero Part 3. Spoilers ahead!

Green Arrow #28

What is this all about?

‘HARD-TRAVELING HERO’ part three! Metropolis is Oliver Queen’s next stop on his quest to take down the Ninth Circle, but he may be too late when the evil financiers start a war with the one man they can’t buy: Lex Luthor! That’s more fat cats than even Ollie can handle, which means this is a job for Superman and Green Arrow!


The Review:

Oliver arrives at Lex’s office in full armor. Attacks his guards and accuses Lex of working with the ninth circle. Lex denies these claims. We see a transition to the floor below where all the employees are freaking out. This leads to a mass suicide out of the Lexcorp windows. Thankfully Superman swoops in and saves the office workers.Green Arrow #28

While Lex and Oliver talk about the ninth circle, and how Lex is in control of his company. Superman is busy saving every single employee from trying to kill themselves. Lex’s assistant burst in and tells the duo that Lexcorp stock has nosedived as every single employee’s secrets and history has been made public. Lex starts to fight the cyber attack, meanwhile Green Arrow and Superman team up and continue to save all of the people attempting suicide. Lex fixes the virus and turns it into one that spreads love and gave every employee a raise out of his own salary. Thus saving Lexcorp and its stock.

Superman gives Oliver a speech about how he is proud of him. How he’s done good and is turning his life around even in disgrace. Oliver touches base with Emi and Dinah about the looming court date and is on way to the cursed city, Gotham.

Final Words:

This is an issue that gave a lot of characterization. It’s done through a ton of exposition between Lex and Oliver but it does show you how much he’s matured since New 52 Green Arrow. Each issue of this series has been a huge step in the right direction. Easily in my Top 5 Rebirth series, I can’t recommend this enough.

More Info

Reviewed by Eric Butler of Crossover University Podcast
Green Arrow #28
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by: Juan E. Ferreyra

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: 08/02/2017