Ah, who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of joe? Well, the fine folks over at Nerd Roast Coffee Company sent us some of their delectable coffee to give it a try!

What is Nerd Roast Coffee all about?

NerdRoast Coffee Co. is what happens when developers, designers, and other “nerds” come together to create the perfect coffee. It was developed by our sister company LLC, a software development company located in Philadelphia. We wanted to make delicious coffee that will give you the kick you need to get through your day.

The Review

Earlier this week our package of Java the Hutt had arrived in my mailbox and man did it smell good. Nothing like opening up your mailbox to be greeted with the enticing smell of coffee. Upon opening the package you are greeted by some sharp packaging, with a jet black bag and very clean modern labeling. When ordering you can select to get either ground or whole bean. We, of course, opted for the whole bean, because there is nothing like the smell of fresh ground coffee in the morning.

Java the Hutt is a Brazilian Medium Roast blend, which works well for espresso or a nice strong cup of coffee. The aromatics of this blend are just insane, you get a nice strong coffee smell but there are hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate in there as well. This aroma filled the house and had my wife up asking when it would be ready. Reluctantly I shared this brew with her as well, although I wanted to keep it all to myself. Alas, I was forced to share.

So far I have tried Java the Hutt two different ways. First being in a coffee pot with some creamer and no sugar. The flavor of this blend on its own is great, I found myself adding less creamer than usual as I preferred the taste of just the coffee. There are several notes found here, which the aroma hints at, we get vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, and even strawberry. The second way was expresso and this just heightened all of the flavors from before and was a better experience all around. Make no mistake this is a strong coffee, with great subtle flavoring. Both ways were great and provided a big hit of caffeine, I found myself more awake and alert than normal. Which is impressive considering what a caffeine junkie I am.

Final Words

I have found a new favorite coffee company, excellent coffee at a very reasonable price. Replacing a Starbucks habit at a fraction of the price and double the flavor, I’m not sure who wouldn’t want to do that. Make sure you check out Nerd Roast Coffee Company there are plenty more blends to try out, with something for everyone.