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What is this all about?

Generation Gone is a breath of fresh air for me, a techno fable set in modern times.  A genius behind the scenes at DARPA secretly recruits a tight-knit group of millennial hackers eager to steal back the future stolen from them.  But what is this Project Utopia he is going on about?

The Review

Awww yeah, I’m going to tell you right off the bat:  Truth Approved!  

Aleš Kot writes in a style that grabbed me right away.  Not afraid of silence, pages can easily slip away without a word being spoken and writes natural conversations which is a fine gift.

I liked the art by André Lima Araújo a lot as well, it goes great with the story.  Almost like a rawer version of the style employed by Clean Room.  Lots of play with angles, and for some reason the quiet scenes of domestic life resonated with me.

Mr. Akio works at S.T.A.R, a subdivision of DARPA.  He works on Project Airstrip, military industrial applications, but has been working on something in secret:  Project Utopia.  In short, he claims to have a code, written in three parts, that when reading together, can change the code of the flesh itself.  He says he can create superhumans.

The military shuts him down.  Yeah, that’ll do it.

Nick and Elena, a young couple, and their friend Baldwin are a small hacker collective which has successfully infiltrated DARPA three times.  Next up, a bank job, to set them all up for life.  But the hacks were a honeypot, Akio is going to use them to test Project Utopia.

The general in charge confiscates Akio’s equipment and shuts down Project Utopia.  Nick shows himself to be a bit of a selfish prick who has a bit less noble intentions than his team mates, and not the greatest boyfriend either.  But to be fair, Elena did fall asleep during Taxi Driver.  Not cool Elena, not cool.

The big day comes, the bank job is on, but it’s a ruse, Project Utopia is unleashed on the team.  The three part code appears on their screens…..

Final Words

Woah, the end of this book is intense and sets up for an incredible second issue.  Loved the final scene, and no way am I going to spoil it for you.

The characters are well written, the art is solid.  I love the pacing, and this is setting itself up too quickly become a favorite.

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More Info

Reviewed by The Truth
Generation Gone #1
Written by Aleš Kot
Art by: André Lima Araújo, Chris O’Halloran, Clayton Cowles

Published by Image
Release Date: 7/19/17