Forecasters this week are calling for potentially dangerous weather ahead of 2017’s sixth Wild Storm installment. Warren Ellis’ re-imagining of the WildStorm universe continues his one of a kind storytelling and complex conspiracy-techno-sci-fi story that, for me, usually raises more questions than it answers. I question everything and just assume I’ll need to go back for a third or fourth reading.The Wild Storm #6

What is this all about?

Michael Cray, the world’s best professional killer, is going to get himself killed for refusing to assassinate an innocent. Angela Spica, whose only mistake was saving someone’s life, is discovering that her life is over forever, and that the people in this strange new world she’s forced to survive in…may not be people at all. Treaties have been breached. Secrets are being told. There’s a war coming. NOTE: THE WILD STORM will skip shipping in August and return in September!

The Review

Chapter #6 brings the viewfinder into focus for the slow building galactic battle sure to unfold in subsequent episodes. Honestly, this was not the #6 I, as a reader, initially pictured after closing issue #1 earlier this year. Ellis is certainly taking his sweet time cramming as much information as possible into one exquisite comic that also is in no hurry to get to the next chapter. Initially, this pacing wore me out after four issues, but this is a great comic, make no mistake.The Wild Storm #6

So we begin with a ballet of blood & brutality that would be if it wasn’t so horrific, gorgeous. The panel layout is the most inventive I’ve seen all year and has the kinetic energy of a film. Michael Cray and Christine Trelane barely exchanged last issue’s talking points before Cray – “Last Action Heroes” – himself against two armed I.O. attackers. He dispenses with the assailants then listens to Trelane’s offer. It’s a good thing too since Cray has a spin-off series starting in October!

For the next part of the story, Angela Spica and Jacob Marlowe come face to face for a liquor sit down discussion. Marlowe and Spica’s back and forth gives us the ultimate lay of the land and who’s working for who and maybe for what reason. This dialog heavy section is dense, to put it mildly, but not a word seems out of place. Brooklyn, it turns out, is where the outsiders huddle together to fight against the military and space industrial complex.The Wild Storm #6

The final section is almost an epilogue if such a thing can be present in the middle of an on going story. Henry Bendix essentially figures out what tech Spica is using and declares all out war on the forces against his Skywatch. However vague that may be at this juncture.

Final Words

As good as the writing is, enough praise cannot be heaped upon artist Jon Davis-Hunt. The man has a gift! Precision and beauty have graced almost every single panel during this run and will likely be remembered as the true star of this title. The art has gone from very good to stellar over just six issues. The colorists too, Steve Buccellato and John Kalisz, utilize a consistent palette that gives this work a sense of majesty. “Wild Storm” is a must read series.

More Info

Reviewed by: Jeff Daily
The Wild Storm #6
Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Steve Buccellato and John Kalisz, Simon Bowland

Published by: DC Comics
Release Date: July 19, 2017