(Spoilers ahead!) In this issue of Super Sons Damian and Jonathan work on the dynamics of their relationship. The team questions Damian’s leadership of the Teen Titans. And, SuperBoy must face the consequences of being rejected by Damian because of following his parent’s rules.  Damian faces the consequences of his stubbornness when the team is decimated by an unexpected threat. Jonathan suffers wounds of his own as he lives with the paradox of having done the right thing while his friend was exposed to great danger during his absence. We learn about friendship, teamwork, doing good, and the complicated choices that present themselves when super heroes set on stopping crime.

What is this all about?

‘TEEN TITANS TANGO’ part one! Robin has a new member in mind for the Teen Titans, and – spoiler alert! – it’s Superboy! But something sinister is at work, and Damian’s real motives for introducing Jon to the team are revealed to devastating consequences!

The Review

Super Sons #6

The main story begins with an encounter between Lois, Clark, and Jonathan that prompts Superman to make a key assessment. It’s better for their son to feel safe to talk to them than to face his problems in secret. The portrayal of Jonathan as a ten-year-old boy testing limits and his parents concerned for his safety is a relatable one for any parent.

Damian starts the night by correcting Jonathan on his use of the word costume instead of uniforms.  He then instructs Jonathan that the purpose for their activities is for him to train Jonathan. Damian is depicted as cunning and focused. Jonathan is aware of his strength and shows compassion. The dialogue is refreshing and authentic.

Jonathan confronts Damian on his treatment of a jaywalker.  He states firmly, “You are not training me”. And, “We are having fun not doing missions” When the Teen Titans arrive for a mission Damian ditches Jonathan. Jonathan is both hurt and shocked by how Damian rejects him.Super Sons #6

Meanwhile, Damian and the Teen Titans have some team chemistry issues of their own which continue to expose Damian’s stubborn leadership style. As the team works to figure this out they run into a significant challenge. Enter the Time Commander who doesn’t have the patience for a drawn-out battle. He and his associates send Damian back to gather more of their friends. The final panel reveals an aged Damian surrounded by the unconscious Teen Titans in front of Jonathan. The reader is left with the weight of the consequences Damian’s decision to be self-reliant and Jonathan’s decision to leave him.

Final Words

Super Sons #6The book is light and fun as it pays close attention to the dynamics between Damian and Jonathan. Damian’s strong willed approach hurts both his relationship with Jonathan and the Teen Titans.

Jonathan obeys his parents by returning home on time. His mother reinforces his positive choices, to help others and be home on time. Can Jonathan and Damian’s repair their relationship and defeat the Time Commander? The dialogue is crisp and authentic throughout. The dilemmas feel real, age-appropriate, and carry emotional weight. The art wonderfully complements and drives forward this energetic and relevant story!

More Info

Reviewed by Your Name
Super Sons #6
Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez, Rob Leigh

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: July 19th, 2017