Holy hell, it’s new comic day!  The Truth is BACK with a vengeance baby!  Tim and I took over the podcast this week, and I gotta tell you, we did some fine work.  It’s going to go down in the anals of history, I’m calling it now.  Cas and Leina are back next weeks, my takeover was not successful…..THIS TIME!

What is this all about?

After reading the issue, I read the afterword-section-thingamabob.  In doing so, I discover that this miniseries is a focus on some characters from the larger Lazarus series.  So you are getting this review from someone with no vested interest or prior knowledge of the series.  You are forewarned.LazarusX66

It is the Year X +66, 66 years since The Families divvied up the world and it’s riches.   You either serve the needs of The Families, or you are Waste.

Casey Solomon was Waste but was elevated on merit by Commander Forever.  The Daggers are like the Special Forces of the Carlyle Family’s military.  Casey is going to qualify for The Daggers or die trying.

The Review

This is the first part of a 6 issue run.  We are dropped into the world with a pretty decent intro and background, which I appreciate.  It’ll be important in the future, I’m sure, but don’t have a ton of bearing on this issue.

Most of the issue features the advanced military training of 100 cadets trying to qualify to be Daggers.  More than 90% will wash out, either by quitting disfigurement, or death.  Not the greatest odds.  But Casey is here due to some heroic act and proves herself more than worthy.LazarusX66

We see some brutal training and recruits washing out, getting shot, getting killed.  The art led by Steve Lieber is stark, with a muted color palette from Santi Arcas.   It feels a little rough around the edges, but it pairs well with the story.

In the end, Casey prevails and becomes a dagger.  We meet Forever, also known as The Lazarus, and that the rest of the military treats her as a God.

Final Words

LazarusX66At first perusal, I wasn’t too gripped by this and found the art a little lacking.  However, after a second reading, I’ve changed my mind a bit.   Hopefully, I can find the time to research this universe a little bit before the second issue.  No promises.

As a standalone, it was good enough to read, but I’m not counting down the days until the next book comes.  This was mostly military training, it could have been set in our time, and didn’t feel terribly special or unique.  YMMV.

Alright, folks, The Truth is checking out.  I’ve got some salmon to slice.  That is not a sex euphemism.   Next week will be SDCC day on the podcast.  Make sure you subscribe, rate, and review us on iTunes, you knuckleheads!


More Info

Reviewed by The Truth
Lazarus X+66  #1
Written by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautmann
Art by:  Steve Lieber, Michael Lark, Santi Arcas and Jodi Wynne

Published by Image
Release Date: 7/19/17