In Green Lanterns #27 we are brought back to Simon and Jessica’s story. Recall the last issue was dedicated to making sure you know what Volthoom’s deal is. The issue before that we see Volthoom shatter Simon’s ring, we learn of his interest in Jessica because her ring contains a piece of his Travel Lantern, and Jessica somehow taps into its power and zaps her and Simon both into who knows what or where? Spoilers ahead.

What is this all about?

‘OUT OF TIME’ part one! Cast back in time, Jessica and Simon must survive on the savage Earth of ten billion years ago! With a single ring between them, can the Emerald Knights locate the first Green Lanterns?

The Review

Green Lanterns #27This issue starts with Jessica. It appears she’s alone in some sort of volcanic cave. She comes face to face with a giant centipede creature and narrowly escapes. Simon appears to be in a prairie somewhere running away ringless from a gorilla/bird thing. Jessica picks up on a human signature, low and behold it’s Simon. They reunite and progress through a series of near death experiences by terrifying megafauna.

Things start to get really weird, and pretty cool. You remember Space Sector 3009? It’s where the planet Grenda is. The home of sentient humanoid machines. Well, somewhere deep in the mind of the Hive (A.I.) we see a short conversation between two computer intelligence. They are contemplating who made them. They’ve prepared a vessel and one of the intelligence named Brill is to enter the vessel to leave in search of their creator, never to return. Brill’s vessel is a humanoid robot, his intelligence is uploaded into it, and he leaves the Hive. He is almost immediately visited by a Green Lantern ring.Green Lanterns #27

Jessica and Simon follow a Life Energy Anomaly, possibly White Lanterns. What they find really excites me for what’s coming. They find the Life Entity still in its developmental incubation phase. Oh, and it looks really cool! So what does this mean? It means that Jessica somehow tapped into her rings piece of the Travel Lantern, and flung her and Simon 10 billion years into the past. While they are still absorbing this madness, they are visited by what appear to be 7 Green Lanterns. I’m not sure what to make of them, probably the first ones ever, and they don’t appear to look very welcoming.

Final Words

Green Lanterns #27This book is getting better and better. I have to give this issue a 10/10 because it peaks my interests in so many ways. From the A.I. to the Life Energy, this story is crazy interesting, the art is pretty creative. The creatures/landscape both paint a believable “10 billion years ago” picture. Humphries kills it with this story. He consistently, issue to issue, leaves me on the edge of my seat wanting so much more.

I have oh so many questions so I’m itching for the next issue already! What’s going to happen with Brill, with the Life Energy, with these mysterious 7 Green Lanterns, What’s up with the fact that some of Simon’s ring is still in his forearm? I personally think that the events of this story will tie directly into the Dark Days storyline. I think Brill will somehow get involved with Luke Fox and his A.I. research. I also think the Life Entity will play a huge role in all of it, as well as Volthoom. We’ll have to wait and see. I am more and more excited each week for what’s to come.

More Info

Reviewed by Justin Swenson
Green Lanterns #27
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by: Ronan Cliquet
, Ulises Areola
Published by: DC Comics
July 19, 2017