Riftworld Legends is a brand new comic book series based on the digital series Riftworld Chronicles. It is available via Comixology and this first issue is free until July 25th, so go get it! Also head over to Riftworld Chronicles and check out the digital series, it’s 45 minutes long and worth your time. With this first issue, it seems like the comic is based in that world, but not the characters from the digital series. But you never know, we are only on issue one and there is a lot more to come. With that let’s get into the review, minor spoilers ahead!Riftworld Legends #1

What is this all about?

A week before Fiona’s confirmation, her grandmother tells her a story of adventure on the high seas and reveals a family secret she has been protected from her whole life.

The Review

Right from the get go we are thrown into this world and introduced to several characters, mainly focusing on Fiona and her immediate family. The bulk of the issue focuses on a story that Fiona’s grandmother is telling her about Riftworld. Following Jackie Fortune, a castaway aboard a ship that discovers a mysterious new island. While telling this story you get the feeling that there is a lot more to it than just another folk tale. Riftworld Legends #1Williams does a brilliant job of weaving the tale in and out of the modern day, giving just enough backstory as it moves along.

Overall this first issue is a great introduction to the series. Building the world and leaving lots of questions behind while peeking interest about what comes next. We are left at the end with two cliffhangers really, one from grandma’s tale and another that hints at what Fiona really is. Williams gives us just enough to draw us in and now I just want more. With Riftworld Legends #2 out July 26th, we won’t have to wait long to get some answers.

Riftworld Legends #1Daniel Wong’s pencils are super clean here, giving off a cartoonish vibe with just enough realism mixed in. There are several pages that are just stunning here, most of them found in the latter half of the book, with the two-page spread being something to admire. Not to be forgotten Paris Alleyne and Jukie Chan do an astounding job on colors and flats here. Alleyne’s use of light both in day and night is something to behold, it really brings some panels to life.

Final Words

Riftworld Legends #1 is a solid first entry for this new series. With a gripping, adventurous, and mysterious story, this is something everyone should check out. Considering you can get it for free right now, there is no good reason to not go check it out. Chances are it will hook you in and I’ll see you again for issue #2.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Riftworld Legends #1
Written by Jonathan Williams

Edited By Jennifer Hale
Art by Daniel Wong, Paris Alleyne, Andrew Thomas, Jukie Chan

Published by Joe Books
Release Date: June 28th, 2017