What is this all about?

Though there is not much action, this week’s release of Detective Comics did not fail to deliver. I love the way these past couple issues revert to the past where Bruce and Zatanna are talking about something, and then it shows them in the present referring to the same nostalgic conversation. It really projects a long and personal history between the two of them. Moreover, I think that Zatanna is an underrated character and we don’t really see a whole lot of her anymore like we do some of our other heroes. I feel like this run is bringing her to life again. Minor spoilers ahead.Detective Comics #960

Bruce is seeking answers through Zatanna’s Gnosis Sphere. It’s essentially a magic sphere that reveals hidden truths. The thing that really sent shivers down my spine when I read it, is Zatanna tells Batman that she can sense what he seeks to ask. She says one of his questions is “a question about metal.” This excited me because we know that all of this is going to tie into the Dark Days storyline.

We see a bit more about Ascalon, the A.I. zealot robot, and his master. Azrael is tied to them somehow and he may have lost his mind….or remembers who he actually is? We’re going to have to wait for the next issue to see.Detective Comics #960

The Review

All-in-all, this was a great issue. When a comic sends shivers down your spine as you’re reading it, it’s a good sign. The fact that Tynion’s writing can do that makes me content, and it reaffirms my belief that he is a very capable storyteller. The dialogue he creates between characters does not cease to amaze me. Nothing is cheesy and it feels like a real human conversation. It is how two people would actually talk to each other, so the realism is there. This issue is also very obviously setting up for something huge. I like the direction DC Comics is going. I’m eager for the amazing stories to come!Detective Comics #960

The artwork hits the mark. Characters are well drawn and so are the settings. Batman and Zatanna perched at the top of a building in gloomy Gotham, dark clouds and rain in the background. Ascalon and his master in a ruined, battered down cathedral representative of their ruined, battered down religious ways. The tone of the story and art are a bit darker than other comics, but hey, that’s what we know and love with regards to Batman. I highly approve and recommend this issue. We are going to have some epic runs once all of our current comics that are being released have laid the foundation for this huge event that is coming. Detective Comics #960 does it’s part 100%. Pick this up!

More Info

Reviewed by Justin Swenson
Detective Comics #960
Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: July 12, 2017