If you’re into the power ring slinging awesomeness that is Green Lantern, no matter which one is your favorite, this issue is for you. In Green Lanterns #26 we get to see the history of it all. The Great Heart and the first ring, Volthoom and his Travel Lantern, the implanting of the Great Heart in Volthoom’s chest, a bit about Krona, the creation of the first Green Lantern Rings…. Hey!! We even get to read about why the Guardians are so short!! All in all, if you are not a fan of this issue, then Green Lantern fans everywhere are ashamed of you. Just kidding….no but seriously. Spoilers ahead if you don’t already know the origins.Green Lanterns #26

What is this all about?

The progression of this issue is quite brilliant. It starts with a curious Rami peering in on his fellow Maltusians experimenting on a bored Volthoom. Ganthet is among them. Volthoom came from Earth-15 via his Travel Lantern and has been navigating the Multiverse in search of a weapon to save his home planet from total annihilation. The Guardians (who are the Maltusians) decided to abandon all emotions into what is called the Great Heart and a ring appeared as a side effect. Volthoom takes the ring and so starts the downward spiral of his sanity. He begins to cough the sound “Gollum” and refer to it as his precioussssss… Wait… sorry, wrong story.

Anyways, Rami and Volthoom team up to figure out how he can derive enough power from the ring to save his home planet. Volthoom seeks to push it further and further, breaking his sanity more and more. Eventually, they decide it’s best to implant the Great Heart directly into his chest. Yeah, great idea… This makes their progress with the ring incredible. Volthoom acquires great power and with great power comes great…. Sorry, wrong story again….Green Lanterns #26

A concerned Rami uses the Travel Lantern to view exactly what happened to Volthoom’s home planet. To our amazing surprise, Volthoom is the one who destroyed it. He’s not going back to save his planet, he’s going back to obliterate it! Volthoom, of course, does not believe Rami and the power of the ring corrupts him further. He flips his lid and turns on all the Guardians. Rami smashes the Travel Lantern and uses its pieces to create the first Green Lantern rings and sends them forth into the universe to find their hosts and save them from a mad Volthoom.Green Lanterns #26

The Review

The colors in this issue are so bright. When we’re dealing with the emotional spectrum and the various colors within it, it’s just what you would expect. Characters and environment are fantastically portrayed by Ronan Cliquet, and Ulises Arreola’s colors make it pop straight off the page and into your face. Sam Humphries tells this story incredibly through Rami’s narration. The dialogue between characters is so well written that it puts you as the reader right there in the story with them. I don’t even care what happened to Simon and Jessica at this point, I want to read more about the first Green Lanterns and how they stopped Volthoom. I highly recommend this issue.

More Info

Reviewed by Justin Swenson
Green Lanterns #26
Written by Sam Humphries
Art by: Ronan Cliquet, Ulises Arreola

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: July 5, 2017