With Godwatch coming to a finish Wonder Woman #24 ties off all the loose ends. Not only that but it sets up a lot of characters for the future after Greg Rucka leaves this title.Wonder Woman #24

Now that the overall story has been completed for both Godwatch and The Truth, Wonder Woman #24 serves as the epilogue of sorts for both. Showing us what happens after Diana and Cale return from Themyscira. With Steve rejoicing at Diana’s return, only reminding Cale of what she has lost after 10 years of effort. Rucka yet again does an amazing job at showing character motivation and emotion in closing out a lot of the loose threads here.Wonder Woman #24

Throughout this entire Wonder Woman run Rucka has really built up a case for Barbra Ann/Cheetah. From the beginning, we have seen why she is Cheetah and how that changes here. Revealing Barbra Ann, making her human, showing her struggles and her conflict, elevates her beyond just another villain. Yet again we see the internal struggle here with Cheetah and it really digs deep here. Showing the true colors of a few characters along the way.

The art here is gorgeous as usual with Bilquis Evely delivering some strong action sequences in the latter half of the issue. Not to be overshadowed by the attention to detail in the rest of the issue with some picture perfect dialogue along the way. While Rucka has been delivering a masterful story Evely, Sharp and Scott have been bringing it to life on each and every page. This creative team has been a powerhouse and they sure are finishing on a strong note.Wonder Woman #24

Greg Rucka has personified so many characters in this run, bringing new depths along the way. Of course the most important being Wonder Woman herself. Each and every conflict we see how selfless, loving, and determined she is. Rucka has once again shown everyone why Wonder Woman is so beloved by all, he has captured her essence and perfected it. With Wonder Woman #25 being this creative team’s last issue, it should be a sight to behold.

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Wonder Woman #24
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by: Bilquis Evely, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Jodi Wynne

Published by DC Comics
Release Date: June 14th, 2017