After two issues of filler and event fodder, Francis Manapul has returned to Trinity again. Kicking off the new arc Dead Space, which involves the entire Justice League being attacked by something in the Watchtower.

Trinity #9

Trinity #9Trinity #9 picks up right where Better Together left off, with Trinity #7 & #8 not really having any effects, good riddance. We see Diana, Bruce, and Clark in the caves discussing what happened in Better Together, then BOOM! Boom tube from Cyborg pulls them up to the Justice League Watchtower, which now has a giant hole in it. Upon arriving they find Cyborg being eaten alive by what looks like Green Lantern constructs. With both, Jessica and Simon compromised with some face huggers on them. They begin to attack Diana, Clark, and Bruce.

Francis Manapul once again astonishes with his art, which is reason enough to buy this title again. He brings a very clean and detailed aesthetic to the characters here. Plus it is always great to see him drawing Flash again. With his colors being vibrant and dream-like throughout the issue, making each page pop out at you. Trinity #9Manapul coming back to this title is very welcome and he was sorely missed.

Trinity #9 begins to work back to what made this series so great when it first launched. With Diana, Bruce, and Clark woking as a team and introducing a new mystery. Beginning a new arc here we get a solid starting point to Dead Space with a reveal on the last page. Francis Manapul is taking us on a new adventure and I cannot wait to see where this one goes.

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Trinity #9
Written by Francis Manapul
Art by Francis Manapul, Steve Wands
Published by DC
Release Date: May 17th, 2017

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