So it is finally here Batman #21 part one of “The Button”, with DC Rebirth mysteries swirling around, what could possibly be revealed here? Well, find out below, as this review will be a spoiler one, as there isn’t much else anyone wants to talk about. If you don’t want any spoilers, skip down to the thoughts section below.

Batman #21

The Break Down

In the very front of the issue we see, yet again, Saturn Girl in Arkham Asylum. Where she has been since the beginning of Rebirth, awaiting psyche evaluation, she even had a cameo in Batman #9. She is watching a hockey playoff game with other inmates, then begins to freak out. Clamining that one of the hockey players will loose their life and that this is “The Game“, getting upset that she cannot stop it. Crying she states that Superman won’t come, our friends will die, Legion will die.

Flashing back to Batman in the cave working on the mystery that is The Button. Getting frustraBatman #21ted he sets some of the buttons down next to Psycho Pirates Mask, which causes a reaction. His father from Flashpoint is in the room with him, but it was just an illusion. Contacting Barry to inform him of what happened and to discuss it more. Of course, Barry is busy and he says he will be there in one minute.

As we found out earlier in The Flash, Reverse Flash has escaped Iron Heights and is aware of the events that occurred in Flashpoint. Looking for revenge on Thomas Wayne, he heads to Batman’s cave to take it out on him. Coincendintely he arrives right after the conversation between Batman and Flash. One minute with any speedster can feel like an eternity, thus a countdown begins, as Reverse Flash begins to unleash on Batman. Batman is aware he is unable to beat Reverse Flash, he just as toBatman #21 stall him long enough for Barry to arrive.

However Barry is late, surprise surprise, right? After handling Batman, Reverse Flash heads over to one of The Buttons on the computer. While holding it he disappears in a blue flash for a few panels. Only to return with half of his body covered in blue flames, claiming he just saw God. Barry finally shows up after checking on those hockey players mentioned earlier, only to find the burnt remains of a dead Reverse Flash and a beaten unconscious Batman. He was too late on both occasions.


This is just the beginning to The Button story arc and there are tons of things to unpack here. From Saturn Girl in the beginning to how some of the events played out in the Batcave. King and Johns are clearly playing a bigger game that will be revealed as we move along. Yet in this first issue, there are some pretty big events that will have lasting consequences for the DC Universe.

Batman #21Jason Fabok is just astounding, you can see why they use him for events. With his very clear and concise work, everything looks picture perfect. From big splash pages to the action scenes, gorgeous as ever. Along with the traditional Watchmen 9 panel pages with yellow and red imagery along the way. This is clearly an homage to Watchmen with Reverse Flash’s colors ironically matching very well here. Overall a gorgeous issue.

Who are you kidding, if you read this, you are still going to buy this comic. The Button will have huge implications for the DC Universe going forward. Even if you are not a Batman/Flash fan, you need to go pick these up to see how Rebirth plays out. So far it is worth every penny and then some.

More Info

Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Batman #21
Written by Tom King
Art by Jason Fabok, Brad Anderson, Deron Bennett
Published by DC
Release Date: April 19th, 2017