This book opens up to an amazing image of HE-MAN riding Battle Cat and Lion-o. Really enjoy the art on this first page, super grungy and tough looking. As we look on we see that most of the good guys are fatally wounded and fading fast as our heroes go deep into Castle Gray Skull. Which leads them to a morphed creation of evil in the form of Mumm-ator! and the orb of power.

The battle ensues over a multi-dimensional plane. As always there is funny quips and humor throughout, giving the true hallmarks of a HE-MAN and Thundercats crossover. While the battle is raging, a glimpse of Prince Adam dressed as Clark Kent at the Daily Planet. Which got my hopes up for the ultimate crossover, only to be pulled into another world.

We see a vast array of worlds in this comic and the artwork is amazing. The style seems to mimic the tv show while adding some much-needed grit. They show off pretty much all of the cast from Thundercats and HE-MAN, which is a feat of art in itself. Colors and inks are on point as well, really bringing the pencil work to life throughout the issue.

I enjoyed the laughs I got out of it and am now going to have to read the entire 6 book series so I can learn how this all lead up to this point.

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More Info

Reviewed by Cas
HE-MAN Thundercats #6
Written by Lloyd Goldfine, Rob David
Art by Freddie E Williams II, Jeremy Colwell, Deron Bennett
Published by DC
Release Date: March 15th, 2017


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