In Detective Comics #952 the League of Shadows along with Shiva have finally arrived. Kicking off an action packed issue, we see Ra’s Al Ghul talking with Shiva as a lead into why this is all happening. Clearing up that the League of Shadows is not the League of Assassins, as I previously thought, they both seem to be at war with each other. Dropping a slight bombshell about Orphan and her past.

Without giving too much away, it appears as if the League of Assassins has outclassed the Detective Comics crew. Leading into this fight they have framed Batman for murdering the Mayor, faked Joker gas outbreaks in the city, and cornered them in a park. Full chaos has ensued in Gotham, with citizens fleeing the city on foot and Gotham P.D. out for blood.

Shiva appears to clearly have the upper hand and only showed herself to test someone in particular. This appears to be the biggest threat the Detective Comics crew has faced in this run and will test the limits of the team. Tynion is setting up an epic story with this arc. Having dropped hints about the League of Shadows since the beginning of Rebirth, it appears that he is finally cashing in on them.

It was a long lead up to this point, but thanks to the amazing team they had on Detective Comics, it has been a pleasure to read. Detective Comics #952 is no exception to this, it leaves you wanting more.

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Reviewed by Tim Montoya
Detective Comics #952
Written by James TynionIV
Art by: Christian Duce, Fernando Blanco, Alex Sinclair, John Rauch, Allen Passalaqua, Sal Cipriano

Published by DC
Release Date: March 8th, 2017


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