PopnComics carries Comic Books, CCGs, Table Top Games, RPGs, Miniatures, and much more. We host daily events and weekly events for Magic the Gathering, Video Games, D&D, and many others. Check out our Pull List up top if you would like to get weekly comics!

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With comfortable seating for over 40 players, we host all kinds of Magic the Gathering events. From Friday Night Magic, Standard, Draft, EDH/Commander, Modern and so much more. Check out our events to see what is coming up next!

With a dedicated Dungeons and Dragons table that seats 8 comfortably and has a TV in it, we are setup and ready to go. We carry the latest D&D books as well as Minis and tile sets for every DMs desire. Check out the events calendar to see when our next campaign is starting.

Of course, we carry comics, it’s in our name! We carry all DC & Marvel titles in the store. To guarantee you get your copies sign up for our Pull List and get 10% you comics with free bags and boards! We are also able to order any title you desire when you sign up for the pull list from DC, Marvel, Image, and many other publishers.